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SurfWatch Launches Cyber Risk Application for Executives

Cyber risk intelligence company SurfWatch Labs this week announced the availability of a new application designed to provide C-level executives and board members with clear information on cyber risks faced by their company.

It's not difficult for IT security teams to understand the risks that can impact their organizations, but highly technical details are in many cases not enough to convince C-level executives and board members that steps need to be taken in order to prevent an incident.

That is why SurfWatch launched SurfWatch C-Suite, an interactive business intelligence application designed to help corporate executives and board members easily understand cyber risk key performance indicators (KPIs).

Built on top of the SurfWatch Analytics platform, which aggregates structured and unstructured data from various sources and transforms it into relevant and tailored cyber risk intelligence, SurfWatch C-Suite helps business executives understand the risks that could impact their company. At the same time, it provides board members with information they can use when allocating resources, SurfWatch said.

"Traditional cybersecurity solutions are designed to protect organizations against specific threats, and do not enable the higher level awareness and comprehension that business executives and board members need to effectively manage their company’s cyber risk posture and implement sound risk governance practices," commented Dave Ellison, president and CEO of SurfWatch Labs. "By providing instant visibility of cyber risk KPIs, SurfWatch C-Suite ensures that the business is not ‘flying blind’ when it comes to cybersecurity, enabling timely and effective risk management decisions."

According to the company, executives and board members can use SurfWatch C-Suite to determine their specific industry's cyber risk score and the top trends, and compare their current cyber security budgets and expenditures to the most prevalent cyber threats. They can also determine if the risk landscape is trending higher or lower over time, learn about threats and who they impact, and find efficient ways of being alerted to relevant risks.

"As a software solution provider, we regularly receive questions from our customers and business partners about our cybersecurity practices and what we do to mitigate cyber risks," said Chris Broderick, CEO of Terrago Technologies. "SurfWatch C-Suite enables my Board and Executive Team to stay abreast of the latest cyber risks, trends and potential impacts so that we can make informed decisions and take appropriate steps to protect the business and demonstrate to our customers that we are diligent when it comes to cyber risk."

SurfWatch C-Suite is available immediately, with pricing starting at $10,000.

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