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SurfWatch Labs Rolls Out Dark Web Intelligence Service

Cyber risk intelligence startup SurfWatch Labs has launched a new service that provides customers with customized research and intelligence from the Dark Web.

For $100,000 per year, the company says customers can get focused, in-depth research and analysis of the their high level threat and risk environment from places on the Web not indexed by popular search engines.

Delivered in conjunction with a suite of apps from the company, the service collects sensitive cyber intelligence from the underground on threats relevant to a specific customer.

“Traditional cyber threat intelligence feeds can’t provide an organization with the necessary insights around what sensitive information was stolen and how it is being used and sold on the Dark Web,” said Jason Polancich, Founder and Chief Architect, SurfWatch Labs. “This personalized cyber risk intelligence service we’re offering provides organizations with their own concierge service, if you will, for understanding the risk they face from the Dark Web and even ‘darker’ sources that could harm a business such as illicit trade in stolen IP or malware-laden spam delivery.”

SurfWatch’s Dark Web data research offers research in the following areas:

• Hacking for Hire

• General and Specific Cyber Exploits for Sale

• Vulnerabilities for Sale

• Stolen Intellectual Property, Designs and Counterfeits

• Spam and Phishing Campaigns for Hire

• Doxxing and Investigation for Hire

• Hacktivist Targeting Forums

• Insider Threat for Hire

The $100,000 annual price tag for the Dark Web Intelligence also includes licenses to SurfWatch C-Suite, a business intelligence application designed to help corporate executives easily understand cyber risk key performance indicators, and Cyber Risk Cloud, a recently launched offering that allows organizations to compare their “evaluated cyber event data” to other sources of intelligence.  

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