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SurfWatch Labs Enables Intelligence Sharing Across Extended Enterprise

New Cyber Risk Cloud Offering Helps Organizations Submit, Store, Analyze and Share Cyber Intelligence

Cyber risk intelligence company SurfWatch Labs this week announced the availability of SurfWatch Cyber Risk Cloud, a new offering that allows organizations to compare their “evaluated cyber event data” to other sources of intelligence.

According to the company, customers can submit, store, analyze and share their own security intelligence data with trusted employees, partners, vendors and customers to help make more informed risk management decisions.

The company explains that “CyberFacts,” which consist of an Actor - who conducted an attack, Target - what information/systems were targeted, Effect - the impact of the attack, and Practice - what method was used, along with other information, are the basis for deriving key business intelligence insights.

Features of SurfWatch Cyber Risk Cloud include:

Secure Cyber Data Submission – Subscribers can submit CyberFacts through a web interface. The platform securely stores the CyberFacts for use by the providing organization to correlate their cyber event insights with the intelligence available in SurfWatch Analytics and/or SurfWatch C-Suite, an application designed to provide executives with clear information on cyber risks faced by their company.

Cyber Event Data Visualization - Organizational cyber event data can be viewed and analyzed over time via business intelligence visual analytics. SurfWatch C-Suite subscribers can instantly visualize, compare and analyze their internal cyber risk intelligence to a broader set of intel.

Personalized Cyber Risk Alerts – With SurfWatch Cyber Risk Cloud, organizations can create alerts and share critical time-sensitive information with designated internal groups as well as authorized external vendors, partners and customers.

“The traditional approach to threat intelligence is flawed in that it’s not about only looking inside your organization, and it’s not solely about pulling in as much Open Source Intelligence as possible,” said Jason Polancich, Founder and Chief Architect, SurfWatch Labs. “With SurfWatch Cyber Risk Cloud, organizations can essentially create their own private ISAC where they can securely share risk intelligence and collaborate within their organization’s business units as well as with their trusted vendors and partners – ultimately helping everyone make more informed cyber risk management decisions.”

Pricing for SurfWatch Cyber Risk Cloud starts at $5,000 and is currently available.

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