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Source Code of New Iran-Linked Hacking Tool Posted Online

The alleged source code of another tool used by Iran-linked cyber-espionage group OilRig was recently posted online.

The leak emerged just months after the source code of multiple tools used by the infamous threat group was posted online along with data allegedly stolen from victims. 

Active since at least 2014, also referred to as APT34, and supposedly backed by the Iranian government, OilRig has targeted organizations in the financial, government, energy, telecoms, and chemical sectors in the Middle East. 

Starting in late March, a Telegram channel called "Lab Dookhtegan" (which translates to Read My Lips) has been posting information on various tools used by the threat actor in their attacks, including IP addresses and domains associated with the hackers. 

Last week, the same Telegram channel posted information on “Jason,” supposedly a tool the cyber-espionage group has been using to hack email accounts and steal passwords and other information from them. 

“The tool seems to be a relatively simple brute-force attacker against online exchange services,” security researcher Omri Segev Moyal notes on his blog.

Uploaded to VirusTotal shortly after being posted on Telegram, the tool had a zero detection rate as of Monday, June 3, 2019, although it was apparently compiled in 2015.

The release of information on the hacking group’s tools should provide security researchers with the necessary means to improve their detection rates, and should also result in a disruption of OilRig’s use of these tools. 

As it usually happens with state-sponsored groups, however, the actor will likely switch to using new tools shortly.

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