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Skycure Monitors Network Activity of iOS Devices for Security

Mobile security company Skycure announced a mobile intrusion detection and prevention solution aimed at protecting iPhones and iPads by monitoring network traffic behavior and fixing suspicious activity.

The solution is installed as an application on the users’ phones or other devices, but also includes a cloud component that enables management and secure communication to mitigate man-in-the-middle attacks and the collection of information about dangerous Wi-Fi-networks. The software monitors network activity and identifies behavior that demonstrates a phone has been compromised or that an active attack is in place using a honeypot approach in which Skycure lures attackers to perform actions that reveal their existence.

Skycure"The Skycure solution adopts behavioral recognition techniques that are crucial given the ever-more-sophisticated nature of malicious attacks," said Jarad Carleton, principal consultant at Frost & Sullivan, in a statement. "Whether it be through social engineering or exploitation of vulnerabilities, devices are vulnerable, and solutions such as those from Skycure will soon become a base requirement for companies."

From a management perspective, the company said IT teams will receive alerts when suspicious activity is detected, allowing them to push out a fix to eliminate the threat when possible. Though right now the software is targeted towards iOS devices, future versions are slated to support Google Android as well.

"Skycure has studied the activity on mobile devices for many months, and we are concerned that these devices present new attack vectors for hackers, no matter how secure the environment claims to be," said Yair Amit, co-founder and CTO at Skycure, in a statement.

"Our vision," he said, "is to provide a comprehensive protection from attacks across three different major vectors, which we discovered in our research: attacks from the Internet, attacks from the device toward the corporate intranet, and attacks that result in sensitive data being leaked out of the device."

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