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Silent Circle Launches Management Console

Silent Circle, a startup providing private encrypted communications solutions, this week released Silent Circle Management Console, a secure web-based portal that allows organizations to purchase, assign and manage licenses for employees using the company’s peer-to-peer encrypted communications tools on their devices.

As background, SilentCircle was co-founded by former Navy SEAL sniper Mike Janke, and PGP creator Phil Zimmermann, and has created a platform for encrypted text, e-mail, mobile phone and video teleconferencing services through a secure, proprietary network and set of applications.

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“Designed to enable quick, easy and centralized deployment of Silent Phone and Silent Text for organizations dealing with growing BYOD programs, Silent Circle’s new management console supports any size deployment of the company’s encrypted communications services, making it a natural complement to any organizations’ mobile device management (MDM) solutions while addressing the last mile of mobile data security,” the company explained.

The console enables administrators to upgrade and reassign licenses across different users and their devices, and offers the ability to delegate account management to team administrators within different departments.

For example, organizations can tailor and optimize license costs according to employees’ privacy risk factors, such as their job descriptions or frequent overseas travel.

Administrators can easily purchase additional licenses for Silent Phone, Silent Text and Out-Circle Access service for Silent Phone, which allows employees using Silent Phone to call “outside the circle” to "regular phone lines" routed with encryption in place between the Silent Phone user and the edge of Silent Circle’s private network.

While console administrators cannot access employees’ communications that take place through Silent Circle’s apps, administrators are able to deactivate accounts that were created and assigned through the console as needed.

“Businesses and government agencies continue to be our fastest-growing customer base and we’ve designed the Silent Circle Management Console to give these users a centralized, seamless means of provisioning our apps and services to support employees according to their specific roles and risks,” said Silent Circle Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Jon Callas. “Now organizations can quickly turn to Silent Phone and Silent Text as key complements to existing mobile device management solutions and crucial safeguards for employees’ personal, unmanaged devices inevitably used for sensitive communications.”

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