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Shodan Adds Visual Search Results With 'Shodan Maps'

Shodan Maps Dark Example

Shodan, the specialized search engine that lets users search for Internet-connected devices rather than web sites, today launched Shodan Maps, a new feature designed to let users see search results on a map instead of a regular (text) listing.

Shodan, which often reveals basic information about a device, such as what kind of system it is, version of software it runs, and other options that are supported, is a powerful tool for enterprise security teams, researchers, and even malicous attackers.

Shodan Maps provides a new and easy way to search for devices on the Internet and see the results on a map instead of a regular search listing, according to its founder.

“As you zoom into an area, it will narrow down your search results to only show devices that are within the viewable area,” John Matherly, founder of Shodan, wrote in a blog post announcing the new feature.

“It will currently display up to 1,000 results at a time on-screen as well as summary information about all the results (location-independent) such as top 5 services, organizations and countries,” Matherly said.

Shodan Maps currently offers different map styles that can be used, including Satellite, Street View (Light) and Street View (Dark).

The map style can be changed anytime, and when users click on a red dot, they will see more information about the device, such as which services it’s running, who owns the IP space and other information.

Shodan Maps

Matherly posted the map above which displays globally exposed routers that contain a backdoor.

Available as an add-on, users can enable Shodan Maps for a one-time payment of $19.00 with no other subscription fees and a money back guarantee.

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