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Serbia Arrests FBI-sought Cybercrime Suspect

Serbian police said Wednesday they had arrested a man sought by the FBI under suspicion of being part of a group of cybercriminals who called themselves "The Dark Overlord".

The arrest of the 38-year-old Serbian from Belgrade, identified only by his initials S.S., was carried out as part of an "international operation conducted by the FBI," a police statement said.

The goal was to identify and arrest hackers who used the name "The Dark Overlord" and had been committing cyberattacks since June 2016, the statement added.

Members of the group were "stealing information and personal data from US citizens, including property and intellectual property data, sensitive health insurance and medical treatment data," it said.

At least 50 people were victims of attacks, the investigation found.

Police said the arrested man is accused of "illegal access to protected computers, computer networks and extorsion".

In late April, a British and Dutch-led operation brought down a website linked to more than four million cyberattacks around the world, with banking giants among the victims.

Two people, suspected of being administrators of the webstresser(.)org website were arrested in Serbia at the time.

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