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Researchers disclose details of new attack method that can be used to decrypt communications. Products from Cisco, Huawei, ZyXEL and Clavister are affected [Read More]
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) publishes Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.3 as RFC 8446 [Read More]
NetComm patches critical vulnerabilities in 4G LTE Light industrial M2M routers. The flaws can be exploited remotely to completely compromise a device [Read More]
Check Point researchers show how cyber criminals could infiltrate a home or corporate network by exploiting all-in-one printer-fax machines. [Read More]
A recently patched security vulnerability in the Kaspersky VPN application for Android resulted in DNS addresses being exposed. [Read More]
A publicly accessible Amazon S3 bucket was found storing documents apparently detailing GoDaddy infrastructure running in the Amazon AWS cloud, UpGuard reveals. [Read More]
Brand new Mac computers used in enterprise environments can be hacked on the first boot via Apple’s mobile device management (MDM) protocol, researchers show [Read More]
Researchers disclosed the details of two serious vulnerabilities affecting ATM dispenser controllers from NCR. The flaws could have been exploited to install vulnerable firmware and get ATMs to dispense cash [Read More]
Critical vulnerabilities discovered in smart city systems can be exploited by hackers to cause panic, researchers warn [Read More]
High volume of malicious internal reconnaissance and lateral movement observed in the manufacturing industry, reports threat detection firm Vectra [Read More]

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The Reddit data breach illustrates the importance of rolling out an approach designed to verify the user, validate their device, limit access and privilege, and learn and adapt to new risks.
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A confluence of factors is putting hundreds of thousands of implementations of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications at risk of cyber attacks.
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Since access control technologies are usually the first network element that a new device touches, they need to be able to automatically recognize IoT devices.
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Know your adversaries and yourself are the fundamentals – the first steps of many in the “art of war” with respect to cybersecurity.
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Cyber attackers long ago figured out that the easiest way for them to gain access to sensitive data is by compromising an end user’s identity and credentials.
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Privileged Access Management (PAM) can monitor and record user activity to offer misuse deterrence by collecting evidence for prosecution, and can provide more detailed compliance reporting than system logs.
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Analysis of a vendor’s underlying design and optimization approaches will enable you to select the solution that best meets your organization’s performance and budgetary requirements.
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In security, one of our goals should always be to broaden our perspective, field of view, and horizons to minimize the risk that we will be blindsided by something we didn’t see coming.
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It’s imperative that security practitioners acknowledge the often-confusing nature of insider threat, seek to dispel misconceptions, and provide clear, accurate insight whenever possible.
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When an organization controls its security technology portion size, it enables the organization to better address strategic requirements and to work far more efficiently.