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The director of Homeland Security's cybersecurity agency says officials are working to secure the 2020 presidential election. [Read More]
Over 5 billion records were exposed last year in 6,515 publicly disclosed data breaches, a new report from Risk Based Security reveals. [Read More]
Cybersecurity asset management company Axonius this week announced that it has raised $13 million in a Series A funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. [Read More]
SAP's February 2019 security updates address over a dozen vulnerabilities across its product portfolio, including a Hot News flaw in SAP HANA Extended Application Services. [Read More]
Researchers demonstrate that Intel’s SGX technology can be abused to hide an advanced piece of malware that can allow attackers to steal data and conduct activities on the victim’s behalf. [Read More]
Symantec has acquired Luminate Security, an Israel-based company that specializes in securing access to corporate applications in hybrid cloud environments. [Read More]
Application security firm ShiftLeft raises $20 million in Series B funding round, which brings the total raised by the company to nearly $30 million. [Read More]
Russian lawmakers on backed a bill that could cut off the country's internet traffic from servers abroad which critics say is a step towards censorship and possibly an isolated network like in North Korea. [Read More]
A vulnerability in the runc container runtime could allow malicious containers to achieve root-level code execution on the host. AWS, Google Cloud and Linux distributions are affected. [Read More]
Bot protection firm PerimeterX raises $43 million in a Series C funding round, which brings the total raised by the company to over $77 million. [Read More]

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Stan Engelbrecht's picture
Automation tools have changed the way that security teams turn information into action, with the ability to automatically search and collect threat intelligence from a variety of third-party sources.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
Network Segmentation can prevent lateral movement and effectively improve security, and is a continuous journey that every organization should take.
John Maddison's picture
Security frameworks need to see and adapt to network changes, share and correlate threat intelligence, and respond to threats as a unified system.
Torsten George's picture
Since multi-factor authentication requires several elements for identity verification, it’s one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data and moving laterally within the network.
Devon Kerr's picture
To take advantage of the MITRE ATT&CK matrix, you must accept and prioritize the importance of visibility within your security operation.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
Network segmentation can be challenging to implement, scale, and manage. But, you shouldn’t let this reality prevent you from moving forward.
Josh Lefkowitz's picture
A business risk intelligence (BRI) program needs to understand and account for the different categories of risk faced by all business functions across an enterprise.
John Maddison's picture
In an SD-WAN environment, security needs to not only protect data and resources, but also ensure that performance and controlling costs are preserved.
Torsten George's picture
While implementing Zero Trust is a journey that cannot be achieved over night, it also doesn’t require a complete redesign of existing network architectures.
Laurence Pitt's picture
Failure to implement basic cybersecurity hygiene practices will leave retailers vulnerable to damage and fines during a lucrative time for their businesses.