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DNA and genealogy firm MyHeritage announces that the access credentials of 92 million users have been stolen. Will Europe decide to make a high-profile example of MyHeritage early into the GDPR age? [Read More]
Several major organizations hit by data breach at PageUp, an Australian HR software firm whose platform is used around the world [Read More]
Fortinet has acquired Boston-based network security firm Bradford Networks to extend Fortinet's micro segmentation. [Read More]
IBM adds two new features to its MaaS360 with Watson unified endpoint management (UEM) product: Business Dashboards for Apps and Policy Recommendation Engine [Read More]
The data of more than 26 million users was compromised in the recent Ticketfly hack. Some services restored after five days [Read More]
Google warns G Suite users after researchers find thousands of organizations exposing sensitive data through misconfigured Google Groups instances [Read More]
Researchers discover vulnerabilities in ten WordPress plugins made by Multidots for WooCommerce e-commerce websites. WordPress disabled many of them after the developer failed to release patches [Read More]
Japanese electrical engineering company Yokogawa patches hardcoded credentials vulnerability affecting its STARDOM controllers [Read More]
Ticketfly shuts down website after it was defaced by a hacker. The attacker also obtained personal information on Ticketfly customers [Read More]
A recent NIST study shows the current limitations and future potential of machine learning in cybersecurity. [Read More]

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John Maddison's picture
Even though a NOC or a SOC consolidates a variety of tools and measurements into a single management system, they are still too isolated.
David Holmes's picture
There’s a popular attack vector among brute-force attackers right now that takes advantage of the 90-day password expirations commonly used by enterprises.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The security operations workflow has grown more sophisticated and complex, and the value that most organizations get out of their SIEM deployment is far lower than it used to be.
Alastair Paterson's picture
While a boon to productivity, some of the most ubiquitous file sharing services across the Internet are also at the heart of a global problem – publicly exposed data.
Travis Greene's picture
Closing the gaps in credential security requires awareness of what gaps exist and how to mitigate them.
Torsten George's picture
Implementing machine learning in the context of access control can help organizations reduce their reliance on passwords, and potentially get rid of them altogether.
Jim Ivers's picture
More vulnerabilities create more attacks; more attacks breed additional fatigue. So how can we wake up and fix the problems creating such a widespread headache?
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
Visibility, segmentation, and threat defense are foundational elements to any security strategy allowing you to reduce risk while creating new opportunities to deliver value to your customers, partners, and the organization.
Scott Simkin's picture
Clunky security approaches, pieced together from multiple vendors, result in a fragmented security environment where IT teams must manually correlate data to implement actionable security protections.
Preston Hogue's picture
While security-as-a-service for functions like WAF and DDoS protection are well-established, they are just the beginning of a new industry that is emerging around consumption-based security models.