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Researcher shows how much personal data is stored in web browsers and how readily it can be harvested [Read More]
Corero finds “kill switch” for the Memcached vulnerability that has fueled some of the largest distributed DDoS attacks in history [Read More]
US chipmaker Qualcomm postponed its annual shareholders' meeting after secretly requesting a national security review of Broadcom's bid to take over the company. [Read More]
McAfee announced the first product resulting from its purchase of Skyhigh Networks, finalized in January 2018: the McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud for Azure. [Read More]
Cisco today announced the availability of identification of software vulnerabilities and exposures as part of the security capabilities of its Tetration platform. [Read More]
GitHub was hit by the largest DDoS attack ever disclosed, peaking at 1.3Tbps, more than twice the size of the Mirai attack of 2016. [Read More]
Philips working on patches for dozens of flaws affecting IntelliSpace Portal, a visualization and analysis solution designed for healthcare organizations [Read More]
Certificate Authority (CA) DigiCert announced the en-masse revocation of more than 23,000 HTTPS certificates after certificate reseller Trustico sent over the private keys for those certificates. [Read More]
Fortinet announced a new machine learning (ML) threat intelligence and detection offering, along with a major upgrade to the Fortinet Security Fabric (FortiOS). [Read More]
US Supreme Court justices grappled Tuesday with the implications of a criminal warrant case involving Microsoft emails. [Read More]

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Scott Simkin's picture
Blending in with legitimate users, attackers can infiltrate organizations and dwell inside networks for months or even years without being detected.
Marc Solomon's picture
There are four primary threat intelligence models that businesses employ today – from one to one to many to many. Let’s take a closer look at each.
Torsten George's picture
To limit exposure to privileged credential attacks, organizations need to rethink their enterprise security strategy and move to an identity-centric approach based on a Zero Trust model.
David Holmes's picture
Several tech vendors have been added to the list of vendors vulnerable to a variation on the Bleichenbacher attack called the ROBOT attack.
Marc Solomon's picture
You need to increase the level of personalization to maximize the impact of threat data on your security operations and more effectively and efficiently protect your organization. There are several sources you can turn to.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
There are far too many cybersecurity entrepreneurs who simply chase after the hot topic of the day and not working to solve the problems of tomorrow.
Travis Greene's picture
Maintaining consistent security controls across the entire hybrid IT environment is growing increasingly complex as more cloud services are adopted.
Scott Simkin's picture
While it's not possible to put a physical firewall in the cloud, security professionals must apply the same rigor to secure the cloud as they would the network or the endpoint.
Erin O’Malley's picture
Detecting compromises requires monitoring a series of activities over time. Unfortunately, most security tools only have visibility into a certain set of activities and cannot see and comprehend the entire kill chain.
Marc Solomon's picture
There’s no reason that 2018 should be another year where attackers continue to successfully exploit the known.