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VMware announces new service designed to help enterprises use permissioned blockchain [Read More]
Britain's data commissioner Elizabeth Denham called for tougher rules governing the use of personal data by political campaigns around the world. [Read More]
The encryption mechanism used by several types of solid state drives contains vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit to access encrypted data without knowing a password. [Read More]
Radisson Hotel Group informed members of its rewards program that their personal data may have been stolen by hackers [Read More]
Sen. Ron Wyden unveils new bill that proposes big fines for companies that misuse consumer data and up to 20 years in prison for their executives [Read More]
Signal unveils “sealed sender,” a new feature designed to protect the identity of a sender [Read More]
British Airways owner IAG says that a further 185,000 customers may have had their personal details stolen in a cyber attack earlier this year [Read More]
Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific under pressure to explain why it had taken five months to admit it had been hacked and compromised the data of 9.4 million customers, including passport numbers and credit card details [Read More]
Mozilla will offer some Firefox users the chance to subscribe to a VPN service provided by ProtonVPN [Read More]
Japanese government orders Facebook to improve protection of users' personal information following data breaches affecting tens of millions of people worldwide [Read More]

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Travis Greene's picture
While GDPR doesn’t require encryption, there are four mentions of encryption in GDPR that provide real incentives for organizations to use encryption.
Preston Hogue's picture
Security teams should think about how company data might connect with data from other organizations or industries and how those combined data sets could be triangulated into a larger picture that ultimately puts you at risk.
Bradon Rogers's picture
While a contract, distributed, partner-oriented workforce and supply chain can create serious risks to your organization, careful implementation of visibility and data protection strategies can help you mitigate many of the risks.
Alastair Paterson's picture
While a boon to productivity, some of the most ubiquitous file sharing services across the Internet are also at the heart of a global problem – publicly exposed data.
Jim Ivers's picture
More vulnerabilities create more attacks; more attacks breed additional fatigue. So how can we wake up and fix the problems creating such a widespread headache?
Justin Fier's picture
When we look at this cycle of stealthy and silent data breaches, we have to ask ourselves: how can such tremendous amounts of data leave our corporate networks without raising any alarms?
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Many organizations seem to focus almost entirely on technological solutions to tactical problems, rather than on strategically addressing how they can best and most efficiently protect data.
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Passive Information Leakage (PIL) is one of the least known and most difficult forms of data lost to prevent, and is little understood, primarily because it cannot be addressed through conventional security practices.
Steven Grossman's picture
The challenge of data protection is not going away. Even without the ever-improving tactics of the bad guys, data sprawl has made it difficult for those just trying to do their jobs.
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By taking what you know about security in the physical world and logically applying it to the virtual world, you can effectively protect your personal information.