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Seculert Launches Free Cloud-based APT Detection Service

Seculert, a malware detection company in Israel, has released a free version of its cloud-based flagship product, which promises to protect organizations from advanced threats on their network.

The free APT detection service comes with unlimited IPs, administrators and domains, as well as detection of up to 25 attacks for various types of users and devices, including internal and remote employees, partners and customers. Web-based, the dashboard promises to be easy to understand, while offering an expansive overview of the platforms network analysis. Paid users gain access to a RESTful Web API, full attack details, and complete criminal server lists.

The service itself is designed to enhance an organization’s existing security infrastructure, by offering additional malware detection, which loops augmented data back to other on-premise security products.

“If you take a look at some of the recent attacks that have made headlines, like Mahdi or Shamoon, the common thread is not the advanced nature of the attack, but rather the attack’s persistence,” said Dudi Matot, co-founder and CEO of Seculert.

“For this reason, we have decided to make a free version of our product available with no time constraint. Users will have unlimited time to access the service and be alerted when unknown malware is discovered.”

Earlier this month, Seculert discovered a malware family that they named "Magic", as it connects to a remote Command and Control (C&C) server using a custom-made protocol called “Some_magic_code1” to verify that the compromised system is legit.

In one case, Seculert CTO, Aviv Raff, wrote on the company blog, the malware asks the C&C what to do.

“The C2 server responds with a command to add a new backdoor user — Username: WINDOWS, Password: MyPass1234 — which enables the attacker to remotely access the infected machine or network.” Raff adds that the malware itself remained undetected on targeted systems for 11 months, but unfortunately the malware’s overall objective isn’t clear.

The free protection from Seculert is available now. More information is available here

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