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Schneider Patches Severe Flaw in Video Management System

Schneider Electric has released a software update for its Pelco Digital Sentry video management solution to address a high severity vulnerability that allows attackers to compromise affected systems.

Pelco Digital Sentry (DS) is advertised as a video management system that is ideal for education, healthcare and corporate environments. Schneider Electric has learned that the product is plagued by what it describes as a privilege escalation flaw.

More precisely, Pelco DS contains hardcoded credentials that can be leveraged by an attacker to elevate their privileges and gain access to sensitive information or execute arbitrary code on the affected system. Schneider has assigned a CVSS v3 score of 8.6 to this vulnerability.

The security hole has been addressed with the release of version 7.13.84 of the DS software. All prior versions are affected.

This is not the first time Schneider has learned of vulnerabilities in its Pelco DS product. Last year, researchers Ariele Caltabiano and Andrea Micalizzi discovered that the software had been plagued by a high severity buffer overflow flaw that could have been exploited by a remote attacker for arbitrary code execution.

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Another advisory made public this week by Schneider Electric on its website describes a medium severity cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the PM8ECC communications module for its PowerLogic series 800 power meters.

“A reflected XSS vulnerability is present which allows an unauthenticated attacker to inject arbitrary JavaScript in a specially crafted URL request where the response containing user data is returned to the web browser without being made safe to display,” Schneider said in its advisory.

The company resolved the vulnerability in version 2.651 of the firmware for the PM8ECC module.

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