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Siemens has released 7 advisories to warn users of potentially serious vulnerabilities affecting various SIMATIC and SCALANCE products [Read More]
Vulnerabilities discovered by researchers in several Roche medical devices can put patients at risk [Read More]
ForeScout Technologies has acquired operational technology (OT) network security firm SecurityMatters for approximately $113 million in cash. [Read More]
Industrial control systems (ICS) are vulnerable to power analysis side-channel attacks, researcher warns [Read More]
It took Swiss company Sauter only 10 days to patch a serious arbitrary file read vulnerability affecting one of its building automation products [Read More]
More than a quarter of the malware delivered via USB devices to industrial facilities can cause major disruptions to ICS, says Honeywell [Read More]
Malicious actors could cause serious damage to organizations in the energy and water sectors by targeting their HMIs, Trend Micro warns [Read More]
The development of the Triton/Trisis ICS malware was supported by a research institute backed by the Russian government, FireEye says [Read More]
New report from CyberX shows that plaintext passwords, direct connections to the Internet, the lack of automated updates for antiviruses, and outdated operating systems often put industrial systems at risk of attacks [Read More]
Cyberbit launches SCADAScan, a portable solution for assessing the security of ICS/SCADA networks [Read More]


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From a communications and technical standpoint, the Onslow Water and Sewer Authority (ONWASA) turned a malicious cyber incident into a strong success story on many fronts.
Justin Fier's picture
The rapid shift toward hyper-connected “smart” ports is rendering physical harbors susceptible to traditionally digital threats.
Barak Perelman's picture
Many organizations with OT networks face a massive challenge to maintain operational efficiency and improve network security at the same time.
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It pays to be ahead of regulators, because if you’re aiming to be truly secure then you’ll already be meeting many of the key requirements of any local law.
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The most successful organizations will be the ones that look at cyber risk holistically and build bridges between the IT, OT, and Security organizations.
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Concerns about endpoint security in industrial environments, especially among OT personnel, are being driven by the demise of the traditional air gapping of OT infrastructures.
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Wireless IIoT solutions are fast to deploy, but companies must gauge whether they are an appropriate solution based on a number of different factors.
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Building owners, suppliers and managers need to act to ensure the security of buildings and the private data they hold, and the safety of those within them.
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Proper network segmentation is one of the most impactful actions industrial asset owners can take to reduce the risk of a major security incident.
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For industrial organizations, establishing an infrastructure that provides visibility, security, control, and is purpose-built for operational technologies (OT), is the clearest path to compliance.