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Tens of vulnerabilities discovered by Cisco Talos researchers in WAGO products expose controllers and HMI panels to attacks. [Read More]
The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) says its corporate network has been breached. [Read More]
The Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD), an electric utility in Massachusetts that serves over 68,000 residents, was recently hit by a ransomware attack. [Read More]
Vulnerabilities found by Cisco researchers in an industrial networking device made by Moxa can expose industrial environments to attacks. [Read More]
A new report suggests that poorly protected device identities could cost U.S. business between $15 billion and $21 billion. [Read More]
Researchers discovered that Honeywell’s Notifier fire alarm systems are affected by two serious vulnerabilities that can be exploited to hack the system. [Read More]
Over 400 ICS vulnerabilities were disclosed in 2019 and more than a quarter of them had no patches when their existence was made public, according to industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos. [Read More]
Vulnerable, improperly protected Out of Band (OOB) consoles expose ships, drilling rigs, remote shore-based facilities, and even mobile vehicles to attackers, researchers from security firm Pen Test Partners warn. [Read More]
A ransomware infection at a U.S. natural gas compression facility resulted in a two-day operational shutdown of an entire pipeline asset. [Read More]
Many upstream oil and gas companies invested in cybersecurity in 2019, according to a survey conducted by Accenture. [Read More]


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Smart IoT devices in industrial settings, such as energy, oil/gas and manufacturing, have shifted the perspective on OT environments from being reactive to proactive and predict failures.
Galina Antova's picture
We’ve seen the discussion moving away from an active vs. passive debate to one seeking a more balanced approach that integrates the right mix of detection technologies.
Barak Perelman's picture
Just as internet security was a relative unknown concern 20 years ago, public awareness of threats to the electric grid, water supplies, etc. is mounting
Laurence Pitt's picture
By working together, IT and OT teams can ensure better security across the whole enterprise environment and that can only be good for business.
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As industrial environments become more complex, data-type and data-source agnostic technologies need to be employed. Both IT and OT teams should be able to quickly access and analyze all data relevant to their needs.
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With the new year underway, it’s time for CISOs to see their security resolutions through from the factory floor, SOCs and across the entire enterprise.
Jalal Bouhdada's picture
The Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) process is still notable by its absence in many new deployments of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies.
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The next year will surprise all of us in at least one way or another. How we deal with these surprises, both individually and collectively, will, in the end, define the next twelve months.
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Against the ongoing backdrop of cyber conflict between nation states and escalating warnings from the Department of Homeland Security, critical infrastructure is becoming a central target for threat actors.
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In the event of a cybersecurity incident in an industrial environment, you should follow a well-established seven step response process.