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Schneider Electric has warned its customers about Drovorub, a Russia-linked Linux malware that was recently detailed by the NSA and FBI. [Read More]
A report published this week by industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos reveals that the manufacturing sector is targeted by five ICS-focused threat groups. [Read More]
Schneider Electric this week released advisories for vulnerabilities impacting various products, including flaws that can be exploited to take control of Modicon M221 PLCs. [Read More]
Join SecurityWeek and TXOne Networks for this interactive webinar to learn how you can strengthen and simplify your ICS security to make your network significantly harder to infiltrate. [Read More]
Researchers find vulnerabilities in the PcVue SCADA/HMI solution, including flaws that can allow attackers to take control of industrial processes or cause disruption. [Read More]
PAS Global has agreed to be acquired by Hexagon AB , a provider of sensor, software, and autonomous solutions based in Sweden. [Read More]
A survey of over 600 people conducted by (CS)2AI revealed that while most ICS security incidents are caused by negligent insiders, over 12% of incidents have been attributed to nation-state actors. [Read More]
Hackers could remotely open garage doors and gates by exploiting vulnerabilities found in a gateway device made by Hörmann. [Read More]
A Cisco Talos researcher has found several remotely exploitable DoS vulnerabilities in Allen-Bradley 1794-AENT Flex I/O adapters. [Read More]
Researchers discovered several potentially serious vulnerabilities in Pepperl+Fuchs’s RocketLinx industrial switches, including ones that can be exploited to take complete control of devices. [Read More]


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When your core business operations, digital transformation initiatives and workers’ ability to do their jobs are at risk, effective OT security must become just as ubiquitous
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Eliminate complexity, align IT and OT teams, and simplify governance are my top three recommendations for how to bridge the IT-OT security gap.
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How to secure your OT network without trying to repurpose your IT playbook and eliminate complexity in the process.
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As the size of the remote workforce surges, network administrators of operational technology (OT) networks find themselves on the front lines of enablement.
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Adversaries can enter through IT networks and remain undetected within an OT environment for months or even years, looking for subtle ways to undermine operations and create havoc.
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We are at a stage where adversaries regularly operate below the threshold of armed conflict, using their powerful warcraft for economic and political advantage while maintaining plausible deniability.
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While pharmaceutical operations networks were once siloed, today their connection to IT and anywhere access has created an environment that threatens the integrity of drug formulation control systems.
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Recycled cyber attacks may be a fairly new development in ICS security, but they have been a staple in IT environments for years.
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Security is often the first place IT and OT teams meet. There are always kinks to iron out, and ensuring a strong security posture is paramount regardless of the teams involved.
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The same cloud technology that has exposed OT networks to external threats is now providing an alternative for protecting organizations when the physical deployment of OT security equipment is not practical.