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Over a dozen vulnerabilities, including remote code execution and DoS flaws, have been found in FreeRTOS. The microcontroller OS is used for consumer products, B2B solutions and industrial automation [Read More]
A cyber espionage group named GreyEnergy, linked by researchers to Russia's BlackEnergy, has been targeting energy and transportation companies in Ukraine and other countries [Read More]
A new piece of malware named Exaramel provides evidence that the Industroyer/Crashoverride malware used in the 2016 Ukraine power outage is linked to NotPetya [Read More]
Siemens informed customers that many of its products are affected by the recently disclosed Foreshadow/L1TF vulnerabilities in Intel processors [Read More]
The ICS Cyber Security Conference, the largest and longest-running ICS-focused security conference, returns to Atlanta, Ga., on October 22 - 25, 2018 [Read More]
Many vulnerabilities, including serious flaws that allow arbitrary code execution, found recently in ICS products from China-based Wecon [Read More]
Precise agriculture is exposed to vulnerabilities and cyber-threats, a new report from the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warns. [Read More]
Splunk unveils Splunk for Industrial IoT, a solution designed to help organizations secure ICS, monitor and diagnose equipment, and predict downtime [Read More]
US Energy Department is offering up to $28 million for tools and technologies designed to improve the resilience and cybersecurity of energy critical infrastructure [Read More]
Critical vulnerabilities affecting Fuji Electric servo systems and drives have been disclosed, but patches are not available [Read More]


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Galina Antova's picture
In assessing industrial cyber risk and prioritizing your remediation steps, it can be difficult to even determine where to begin.
Bradon Rogers's picture
Industrial IoT in the enterprise expands the threat landscape by opening up new vulnerabilities that can be exploited across endpoints, applications, cloud infrastructure and networks.
Jalal Bouhdada's picture
Jalal Bouhdada, Founder and Principal ICS Security Consultant at Applied Risk, discusses the physical and cyber security threats facing the increasingly smart car.
Barak Perelman's picture
The new connectivity between IT and OT has created a clear and present cyber threat to previously isolated ICS environments.
Galina Antova's picture
We must recognize industrial cyberattacks as tactics in a new form of “economic warfare” being waged between nation-states to gain economic and political advantage without having to pay the price of open combat.
Galina Antova's picture
Why are some organizations quicker to act while others lag behind? Based on the conversations I have every day with executives at these organizations, I’ve outlined a few “ABCs” of trends that are making a real difference.
Jalal Bouhdada's picture
The nature of the shipping industry does present highly unique challenges for hardening cybersecurity, but they are not insurmountable.
Stan Engelbrecht's picture
Which unlucky industry will be the latest target caught in the crosshairs of cyber attackers? Unfortunately, there are several reasons that suggest mass transit will be the next casualty, and the potential for damage is quite serious.
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The breadth of attacks targeting critical infrastructure sectors are not only deeper but also broader than originally thought. Most likely, Russia and others want to acquire a “Red Button” capability that can be used to shut down the power grid.
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SIS are regularly tested to ensure they meet functional safety requirements; the same regime should be applied to their network security.