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Microsoft announced on Tuesday at its Ignite conference that it has extended its threat protection portfolio and it has unified some of its security solutions under the Microsoft Defender brand. [Read More]
U.S. FERC and NERC release a report outlining cyber incident response and recovery best practices for electric utilities. [Read More]
CISA has been named a Top-Level Root CVE Numbering Authority and it will oversee CNAs that issue CVE identifiers for vulnerabilities in industrial and medical products. [Read More]
OT and IoT cybersecurity company Nozomi Networks announced this week that it’s now a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA). [Read More]
Several major ICS vendors have released security advisories in response to the recently disclosed vulnerabilities affecting the CodeMeter licensing and DRM solution. [Read More]
Vulnerabilities in the CodeMeter licensing and DRM solution from Wibu can expose industrial systems to remote attacks. [Read More]
Over 70% of the ICS vulnerabilities disclosed in the first half of 2020 were remotely exploitable, Claroty reports. [Read More]
Industrial cybersecurity firm Radiflow launches CIARA, an automated risk analysis platform for industrial systems. [Read More]
The official Call for Presentations (speakers) for SecurityWeek’s 2020 Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cyber Security Conference has been extended to August 31st. [Read More]
The first entirely virtual edition of the Black Hat cybersecurity conference took place last week and researchers from tens of organizations presented the results of their work from the past year. [Read More]


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