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SAP Releases 6 Security Notes on January 2020 Patch Day

SAP today released 6 Security Notes and 1 Updated Note as part of its January 2020 Security Patch Day, with all addressing Medium severity vulnerabilities. 

The most important of these is a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) flaw in Rest Adapter of SAP Process Integration. The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2020-6305 and features a CVSS score of 6.1. 

Next in line is CVE-2020-6304, a Denial of service (DoS) flaw in SAP NetWeaver Internet Communication Manager, featuring a CVSS score of 5.9, which was reported to SAP in September, says Onapsis, a firm that specializes in securing SAP and Oracle applications. 

“An attacker can send a specially crafted packet to the IIOP or P4 service in order to cause a buffer overflow and thus crashing the ICM process,” Onapsis notes

The flaw is considered Medium severity because an exploit requires that the parameter rdisp/TRACE is set to a value higher than 1, which is not part of the default configuration. However, Onapsis believes that impact on the availability of all web-based SAP applications is high. 

This month, SAP addressed three missing authorization checks, in Realtech RTCISM 100, Automated Note Search Tool (SAP_BASIS), and SAP Leasing. The last two bugs are tracked as CVE-2020-6307 and CVE-2020-6306, respectively. 

“Missing explicit authorization checks in RFC-enabled function modules is still one of the most detected vulnerabilities especially in custom code,” Onapsis reveals. 

The two other Medium severity vulnerabilities SAP patched on this month’s Patch Day are CVE-2020-6303 – improper input validation in SAP Disclosure Management (CVSS score 5.4) – and CVE-2019-0388 – content spoofing vulnerability in UI5 HTTP Handler (CVSS score 4.3). 

Five other Security Notes were released between the second Tuesday of December 2019 and the second Tuesday of January, including 1 High priority, 3 Medium priority, and 1 Low priority, Onapsis reveals. 

The High priority Note provides multiple corrections (as an SAP Transport File) in SAP EAM add-on components, the company says. Addressed are vulnerabilities such as a missing authorization check in several Workbenches of MRO (CVSS 8.3) and directory traversals (CVSS 7.2) that could lead to an attacker reading, overwriting, deleting, or corrupting arbitrary files on the remote server. 

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