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Samsung Smartphones Get Encrypted Communications

KoolSpan this week announced a partnership with Samsung to implement secure communications on Samsung smartphones.

KoolSpan, a provider of encrypted secure voice and messaging solutions for mobiles, is already offering secure communications to enterprises. With support for mainstream phones, which are normally used within organizations, the solutions bring end-to-end encryption to all internal calls and texts within a company.

The end result of the partnership between KoolSpan and Samsung is TrustCall Native for Samsung, which provides native dialer integration on Samsung devices and which is being demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The solution is aimed at tackling the rise in attacks on mobile communications, which normally consist of calls and messages being intercepted through the exploitation of vulnerabilities in mobile internetworking protocols.

Last year, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a report to underline some of the issues plaguing mobile communications, suggesting that both deliberate and accidental threats to mobile security continue to exist.

TrustCall Native for Samsung is focused on addressing such concerns by offering more secure communications on Samsung smartphones. To ensure ease-of-use, it integrates with Samsung native functionality for phone, messaging and contacts and applies encryption automatically.

KoolSpan’s solution is managed, deployed and configured across all smartphones within an organization by the IT department and is integrated with the phone’s native dialer and messenger. TrustCall Native Secure Communications for Samsung is available for customers with a Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) account and a subscription to KNOX Configure.

“We’re excited to partner with KoolSpan, which enables us to implement secure communications on Samsung smartphones. TrustCall Native, one of KoolSpan’s flagship products, is the best example of the universal understanding that security is only as good as it is easy to use,” Mike Kazmierczak, Samsung B2B Business Development Manager, Mobile B2B Team, EMEA, said.

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