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SafeNet Targets Intelligence Community with New Information-Sharing System

Baltimore-based data protection vendor SafeNet, said on Friday that it has received baseline approval from the US Government for its new MDeX system.

MDeX, or Multi-Domain eXchange, was designed to address cross domain data sharing between government organizations. Earning a Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO) Cross Domain Inventory, Version 4.0 baseline, means that SafeNet is now free to offer MDeX to departments such as Homeland Security, and other intelligence agencies.

MDeX offers remote management, leveraging an intuitive Java-based GUI, that allows for offsite policy configuration, event management, and monitoring. The “certify once and accredit many” capability of the MDeX System’s modular design, simplifies the process by which organizations can add new domains, communities of interest, applications, and content filters.

Lastly, MDeX can scale to meet enterprise data management requirements or deployed on ruggedized equipment for tactical information-sharing needs. All that is required is a device that supports Java, from enterprise-class servers to small handheld devices, including smartphones.

“Through the MDeX System, SafeNet is transforming cybersecurity by providing reliable, secure, and configurable information sharing across domains for U.S. government organizations that require secure critical communications around sensitive, national security operations,” said Shawn Campbell, SafeNet’s MDeX System Product Manager.

MDeX is coming to market at a time when information sharing between government agencies has become a top priority. The adaptability within the product makes it clear that SafeNet intends to hold a presence in as many agencies as possible.

In related news, the White House issued an executive order on Friday aimed at data classification. The “WikiLeaks” order, as it has been called in some circles, was signed one year after classified diplomatic cables were published by the transparency organization.

“Agencies bear the primary responsibility for sharing and safeguarding classified information, consistent with appropriate protections for privacy and civil liberties,” states one of the key mandates, in the order signed by President Obama.

More details on the WikiLeaks order is available here

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