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SafeNet Launches High-Speed Network Encryption Appliances

SafeNet CN 6040

SafeNet has launched a new suite of high-speed encryption (HSE) solutions designed to help organizations protect sensitive data moving across corporate networks and data centers, the company announced on Tuesday.

According to SafeNet, the new solutions are ideal for both enterprises and government organizations, and they can help reduce the costs of high-speed encryption by as much as 50%. The high-speed Layer 2 encryption products can be used to protect financial data, voice and video streams, and even metadata, the company said.

SafeNet LogoSafeNet CN4010, CN6010 and CN6100 are designed to secure data while it travels between datacenters, to and from the cloud, and within a company’s wide area network (WAN). Organization can also use the HSE solutions to secure branch office communications at low costs, SafeNet said.

The products are FIPS 140-2 Level 3, Common Criteria and CAPS certified, and they offer custom encryption algorithm capabilities and support for quantum key distribution for enhanced protection. In order to prevent traffic from being intercepted and analyzed, SafeNet’s HSE solutions combine transmission security (TRANSEC) and Layer 2 encryption.

SafeNet says its solutions require minimal rack space, are easy to install in any type of network, and offer a 99.999% uptime and low power consumption. Once deployed, the encryptors can be centrally controlled or managed across multiple remote stations, and according to the company, they require minimal attention. 

The products provide throughput of up to 10 Gbps to ensure low latency, and they can be upgraded to meet Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) use cases.

“There is a perception that high-speed encryption can be expensive as small and large businesses look to protect not just data center traffic, but other aspects of their network traffic,” said Prakash Panjwani, who was recently appointed president and CEO of SafeNet.

“Our new high-speed encryption offerings erase that misconception by giving customers a single platform to ‘encrypt everything,’ from data center traffic all the way to the branch office. With our comprehensive network traffic encryption, customers can better protect their data from eavesdropping, surveillance, and overt and covert interception at an affordable cost without compromising security or performance.”

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