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SafeNet Launches Encryption-as-a-Service for Service Providers

Data protection firm SafeNet announced a new encryption solution that gives service providers the ability to offer enhanced data protection and access control to their customers when storing their data in cloud and virtual environments.

Called ProtectV for Service Providers, the solution provides suppliers of virtualized services the ability to quickly provision encryption services for customers and then offer the service on a pay-as-you-go basis, supported by a flexible billing package and a built-in usage metering API. 

SafeNet, which recently agreed to be acquired by European security firm Gemalto for $890 million in cash, says the solution allows enterprise customers to use Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings with full data lifecycle accountability, audit trails, and detailed compliance reporting.

SafeNet LogoProtectV can be deployed into a customer environment as part of a service provider's IaaS offering, and delivers full encryption of virtual machines and storage volumes that their customers can use to protect their data and segregate it from the provider and other customers, the company said.

Currently available for Amazon Web Services partners and VMware-based cloud platforms, the solution also provides pre-launch authentication and access controls to deliver control and proof of ownership for both the encrypted data and associated keys by both the customer and their service provider.

"Data security remains a top concern for enterprises as they consider moving more of their sensitive data and workloads to the cloud," said Garrett Bekker, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. "As cloud service providers look for ways to better engage their customers with value-added offerings, encryption-as-a-service can help enterprises offload the complexities of managing encryption and key management across heterogeneous resources while maintaining their security and meeting compliance mandates."

"ProtectV for Cloud Service Providers will help cloud infrastructure vendors drive adoption of their services by assuring customers that their critical data will remain under their control, even in shared environments," said David Etue, vice president, corporate development strategy, SafeNet. "Organizations that were once wary of moving sensitive workloads to the cloud, particularly in highly regulated industries, can now do so more confidently. That makes this a win both for the customers and for service providers."

More information is available online.

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