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Security analysts are faced with an overwhelming number of alerts to investigate across a widening array of endpoints, computing platforms and devices. How should they prioritize security alerts?
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With summer fully upon us, we in the security profession need to make sure the change in season doesn’t create additional vulnerabilities.
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Dynamic analysis can help determine the runtime effects of a piece of malware, but with tools for sandbox detection and evasion becoming increasingly common, its value is limited.
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As organizations across industries work to shore up their cyber incident response procedures, both sophisticated cyber war games and simple rehearsals will be essential tools for their security operations
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It’s the best of the internet of things and the worst of the internet of things: unprecedented connectivity that creates both tremendous opportunity and considerable risk.
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Success comes down to laying a foundation of monitoring and control to reduce your risk exposure and applying intelligent techniques to the growing endpoint populace. Embrace it, because these technologies make our lives better.
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When it comes to improving cyber incident response, security teams can learn a valuable lesson from the military about the importance of standard operating procedures.