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RSA Conference 2021 - Product Announcement Summary (Day 1)

RSA Conference 2021

The 2021 edition of the RSA Conference started on Monday, May 17, and this year the event is fully virtual.

As the industry’s largest conference, many cybersecurity vendors leverage the event to launch new products and announce updates and enhancements to their offerings.

To help cut through the clutter, the SecurityWeek team will publish a daily digest summarizing some of the product and service announcements made throughout the week.

Cisco announces XDR, SASE and network security improvements

Cisco unveiled improvements for its extended detection and response (XDR) solutions, including enhanced vulnerability management capabilities as a result of the acquisition of Kenna Security, better device visibility via SecureX, simplified transition from EDR to XDR, and expanded investigation and threat hunting capabilities.

The company also announced Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) improvements, specifically new integrations, a new protection layer, and a new package — all for its Umbrella enterprise network security solution. Other announcements related to network security include an update to Secure Firewall Threat Defense and the launch of Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native for Kubernetes.

CrowdStrike announces Falcon Fusion

CrowdStrike announced Falcon Fusion, a framework based on the Falcon platform that is designed to help organizations improve the efficiency of their security operation center (SOC). The company said Falcon Fusion can be used to orchestrate and automate complex workflows, simplify security operations, and accelerate incident triaging and real-time response.

McAfee expands MVISION XDR solution

McAfee announced a “significant expansion” of its MVISION XDR product by correlating telemetry of the company’s endpoint, SASE and threat intelligence solutions. MVISION XDR capabilities include threat detection, automated threat management tasks, and proactive threat hunting.

VMware releases new threat landscape report

VMware has released a new threat landscape report that highlights the extent of threats evading perimeter defenses. Key findings include evasion of defense systems being the most encountered MITRE ATT&CK tactic used by malware, email being the most common attack vector for initial access, and the transmission of plain-text passwords over the network being the most common bad security practice.

SecurID launches Interactive Experience

SecurID, an RSA business specializing in identity and authentication solutions, announced the launch of Interactive Experience, which enables customers to choose authentication methods, build access policies and configure rule sets.

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