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Romanian Hacker TinKode Given Suspended Sentence

TinKode, the Romanian behind attacks against NASA, Oracle, the Pentagon, and U.S. Army, was sentenced this week to a two-year suspended sentence, according to local media reports.

TinKode, whose real name is Cernaianu Manole Razvan, was arrested in January for his part in a number of attacks. He was the person responsible for disclosing SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting flaws within applications used by the U.S. Army, NASA, and by Oracle on While he said that he was performing a service with his deeds, the government and law enforcement agencies disagreed and he was slapped with three 2-year prison sentences.

However, the court took it somewhat easy on him, combining the sentences into a single two-year suspended sentence, restricting his movement, and ordering him to pay fines. Razvan will have to pay Oracle nearly $60,000 in fines, and compensate NASA with $50,000. The Pentagon ($7,300) and the Army ($3,900) are also to be paid.

The court also restricted his movements. According to translated documents; he cannot change jobs, change residence, or travel from his home for more than a week without notifying the judge, and justifying the arrangements. 

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