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Return Path Adds New Fraud Protection Services For Email Providers

Return Path, an email intelligence and protection firm, announced two new additions to its Fraud Protection Services offerings on Tuesday. The additions, Outbound Abuse Manager and Global Trap Exchange, make their debut alongside Anti-phishing tools Domain Protect and Domain Secure, two products that were launched by the company last month.

Return PathAccording to the company, the new additions will bring intelligence and management tools to the table, protecting networks and end users from increasingly complex spam and phishing threats. In recent years, criminals have shifted tactics in order to leverage legitimate mailbox providers’ infrastructure by creating fake accounts or compromising legitimate ones to conduct raids.

Attacks from well reputed ISP addresses or domains, or even more effectively, from seemingly “trusted” contacts are growing as a proportion of Spam or Phishing, and these are insidious because they typically yield higher read rates from those targeted, NYC-based Return Path explained.

“Online fraud has evolved in sophistication by better infiltrating a mailbox provider’s network through social engineering techniques that take advantage of recipients’ trust to perpetuate additional compromises ,” said George Bilbrey, President of Return Path.

Outbound Abuse Manager combats this trend by allowing mailbox providers to identify outbound spam and phishing attacks in real-time, helping them react quickly to prevent fraudulent and compromised accounts from sending abusive email. Global Trap Exchange, sponsored by global telecommunications IT association ETIS, facilitates data sharing across an extensive network of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the world to enable faster detection of spam and other abuse.

In pre-launch testing, mailbox providers reported immediate reductions in the time required to detect and stop abusive email, collectively remedying a multitude of compromised accounts and decreasing outbound spam from their networks by up to 15% within 30 days of implementing Outbound Abuse Manager.

The new services are live and available immediately. Additional information is available here.

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