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Researchers Disclose Unpatched WD TV Media Player Flaws

Researchers have disclosed several potentially serious vulnerabilities affecting the WD TV Media Player from Western Digital. The vendor has been aware of the flaws since January, but patches have yet to be released.

In March, researchers from Securify, SEC Consult and disclosed multiple vulnerabilities identified in WD’s My Cloud storage devices. However, the My Cloud devices were not the only WD products analyzed by SEC Consult.

The company published an advisory on Thursday describing a total of eight security holes affecting the WD TV Media Player, a device that allows users to access media content from a computer, USB drive, network storage device or the Internet directly on their TV.WD TV Media Player vulnerabilities

“By combining the vulnerabilities documented in this advisory an attacker can fully compromise a network which has the WDTV Media Player appliance installed by using it as a jump-host to aid in further attacks,” SEC Consult warned in its advisory.

One flaw discovered by experts is an arbitrary file upload issue that can be exploited to upload files to the web server without authentication. They also found a local file inclusion vulnerability that can be leveraged to execute the previously uploaded file. This can lead to remote code execution if the attacker uploads a malicious PHP script.

Researchers also determined that all devices are shipped with the same private key in the firmware, the web server is unnecessarily running with root privileges, the login page (which requires only a password) is not protected against brute-force attacks, and the full path of the web directory is exposed. The product is also affected by a SQL injection flaw which, in the worst case scenario, can be exploited to create a backdoor on the web server.

Some of the vulnerabilities can be exploited directly from the Internet if the device’s interface is configured for Web access. However, since cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection is missing, an attacker can also exploit the flaws remotely by getting the targeted user to click on a malicious link.

SEC Consult found these flaws in version 1.03.07 of the firmware, but believes earlier versions are likely affected as well. The weaknesses were reported to the vendor in mid-January at the same time as the issues affecting My Cloud storage devices, but they remain unpatched. The security firm said the last firmware update for the WD TV Media Player was released in April 2016.

SEC Consult has made public some technical details, but the company will not release any proof-of-concept (PoC) code until patches become available.

SecurityWeek has reached out to WD for comment, but the company had not responded by time of publication.

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