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Report: US Gov Executive Order to Mandate Data Breach Disclosure

A proposed executive order would set new rules on the disclosure of data breaches that also affect United States government agencies, according to a Reuters news report.

The report said the executive order, which could be released as soon as the next week, would require software vendors to notify U.S. government customers of cyber-security breaches that also affect them.

Furthermore, the order is expected to force federal agencies to improve their security posture through the adoption of multi-factor authentication and data encryption within their environments.

When it comes to programs deemed critical, vendors might be forced to provide a “software bill of materials,” detailing program components and offering increased visibility into resources that could introduce additional vulnerabilities.

Per the order, software vendors would be asked to work together with specialized government agencies, such as the FBI and CISA, when investigating cyber-incidents.

Likely a reaction to the recent SolarWinds attacks, the order is expected to impact the interaction between major software vendors and government agencies.

More than one hundreds organizations, including multiple federal agencies, have been confirmed to be affected by the SolarWinds hack, but the overall number of victims could be greater.

What’s more, the SolarWinds attack is only one of the many cyber-incidents involving private companies that also has a major impact on government agencies. A December 2020 cyber-attack was linked to an assault on FireEye, which tests the defenses of thousands of customers, including federal, state and local governments.

In September 2020, Tyler Technologies, which provides software and services for state and local governments, disclosed a ransomware incident. However, the company said that software hosted for its clients was not affected.

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