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RedLock Emerges from Stealth With Cloud Security Platform

Cloud security startup RedLock emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday with a cloud infrastructure security offering and $12 million in funding from several high profile investors.

According to the company, its RedLock Cloud 360 platform is designed to help organizations manage security and compliance risks in their public cloud infrastructure without having a negative impact on DevOps.

The company says its product can help security teams identify risks in their cloud infrastructure by providing comprehensive visibility into workloads and the connections between user activity, network traffic, configurations, and threat intelligence data. The solution works across multiple public cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

RedLock emerges from stealth mode

RedLock Cloud 360 uses machine learning and correlation with third-party data sources to establish a baseline for user and network behavior, which allows it to quickly identify anomalies. The product monitors new and existing cloud workloads for policy violations, including policies set by security teams and security best practices defined by NIST, CIS and PCI.

The solution continuously assigns a score to every workload based on risky attributes and behavior, which helps security personnel assess the risks and prioritize their response. Data provided by the product can also be integrated with third-party tools to speed up response.

RedLock Cloud 360 also includes forensics capabilities that allow organizations to go back to any point in time and identify threats. Users can also review a history of changes for each workload and determine the root cause of a security incident.

The platform also provides reporting features that allow organizations to compile reports for auditors, management and the board of directors.

RedLock has come out of stealth mode with $12 million in funding from Sierra Ventures, Storm Ventures, Dell Technologies Capital, and other investors.

While the company has only now announced the general availability of its cloud security platform, the product has already been used by several companies, including security firm Proofpoint. Pricing for RedLock Cloud 360 is subscription-based and it depends on the number of workloads deployed in the customer’s cloud environment.

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