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Qualys Pushes Major Enhancements to its Flagship QualysGuard Suite

SAN FRANCISCO - RSA CONFERENCE 2012 - Qualys has a history of making major product announcements at the RSA Conference in San Francisco each year, and this year is no exception. The company, based just miles away in Redwood Shores, today introduced significant enhancements to its flagship QualysGuard suite of applications for security and compliance.

The company's cloud-based QualysGuard service adds the following new features and enhancements as announced today at the RSA Conference:

Zero-Day Risk Analyzer Module - Powered by VeriSign’s iDefense zero-day security intelligence services, this new addition to QualysGuard allows customers to analyze zero-day threats and estimate their impact on their IT infrastructures and critical systems based on information collected from previous scan results.

QualysNew Enterprise Asset Management Technology - Allows customers to tag assets dynamically based on scan results and to categorize assets in a hierarchical manner to keep pace with changing environments. Tags can then be used in all workflows including scanning, reporting or assigning security and access to assets.

Customizable Questionnaires Service for IT- GRC - Extends the QualysGuard Cloud Platform’s policy compliance capabilities to automate manual control assessments with a customizable questionnaire based on a repository of nearly 1,000 pre-mapped policy documents via the Unified Compliance Framework. Workflows are also provided out-of-the-box that can be tailored to fit business processes.

Enterprise Edition of Its Malware Detection Service - Built on the same platform as its free Malware Detection service, the enterprise version will allow customers to identify malware on multiple Web Sites and automatically receive alerts with steps that can be taken to address threats when malware is discovered. The system is capable of producing reports and analysis including payload collection, block-level isolation and render and execution timelines for detected malware, helps users to further isolate each malware and resolve it quickly. The service is available immediately in the U.S. and Europe and pricing starts at $249.00 per site per year.

Virtualized Scanner Appliances Now Available – Customers can deploy virtual scanner appliances in various modes – on laptops for mobile consultants, in data centers for enterprise scanning and in the Amazon EC2 and VPC platforms for cloud deployments.

Qualys also unveiled a forthcoming Web Application Firewall (WAF) designed to help protect web sites from malicious requests and a range of online threats from spammers to SQL injection and DDoS attacks. The offering will include real-time attack prevention by making use of a database of security heuristics with IP reputation, geolocation awareness, traffic analysis, and protocol and user agent analysis. These products focus on classes of ‘self-inflicted’ vulnerabilities commonly found in commercial Web applications or in custom-developed code, such as cross-site scripting, command injection, directory traversal and other common exploits. The company said its WAF will launch in limited beta during Q2 2012.

“Our cloud platform allows us to bring new functionalities to our customers at a much faster pace than traditional enterprise software, and makes them accessible in a unified manner. As importantly, the cloud model permits us to correlate information more effectively and in near real-time,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys.

Qualys counts more than 5,500 organizations in 85 countries as customers, and performs more than 500 million IP audits per year.

The company will unveil its latest innovations tonight at booth #1431 at 7 p.m. PT at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.

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