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Qualys Launches Private Cloud Version of QualysGuard Platform

Just one business day after announcing that it has filed an S-1 registration for its Initial Public Offering (IPO), Redwood City, California-based Qualys today introduced a private cloud version of its QualysGuard Cloud Platform that allows customers and partners to host and operate the security and compliance platform within their data centers.

To help meet the diverse needs needs various Cloud environments, the solution comes packaged as a virtual application to allow for rapid deployment into existing virtual infrastructures.

QualysAccording the company, the QualysGuard Private Cloud Platform is comprised of a package of hardened, Linux-based virtual machines running the various QualysGuard components, including web, application, database layers, and a standby failover database to ensure high-availability.

Qualys says that the QualysGuard Private Cloud Platform is ideal for customers and partners with one or more of the following characteristics:

• Customers and partners located in countries with strict data sovereignty rules prohibiting the movement of sensitive security information across national borders.

• Government entities with strict data possession requirements, which prohibit the use of public cloud services.

• Hosting providers that want to offer value-added security services to their tenants, serviced from their own infrastructure.

• MSSPs that want to provide a more exclusive offering to their customer base.

• Large organizations with hundreds of thousands of IT assets and corresponding large security and compliance data sets.

“As organizations and government agencies continue to consolidate data centers, leverage virtualization technologies and open their IT environments to business partners and third parties, they now have the opportunity to build security into the fabric of their datacenters,” said Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO of Qualys. “The new virtualized QualysGuard Private Cloud Platform allows us to extend our security and compliance solutions to such environments that require a private cloud instance on premise, offering the full benefits of our cloud solutions without the complexity and cost associated with deploying traditional enterprise software.”

The QualysGuard Private Cloud Platform is available now and sold on an annual subscription basis. Qualys Operations provide ongoing updates, monitoring and backup to all private platforms in order to keep systems updated with the latest product and content releases.

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