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Qualys Adds IPv6 Support to FreeScan Service

Black Hat 2012

LAS VEGAS - Security B-Sides - Cloud-based security and compliance solutions provider Qualys, today announced that its FreeScan service, a free service that lets organizations scan web sites or publicly facing IP addresses for vulnerabilities, malware and SSL issues, now supports IPv6.

QualysUsing FreeScan, organizations can now scan IPv6 devices to detect possible vulnerabilities and take the steps necessary to remediate them.

As organizations migrate to IPv6, the proliferation of networked devices poses new challenges for security teams that many organizations may not be ready for.

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“If there is a lack of expertise in IPv6 networking, deploying IPv6 ready devices, such as desktops and laptops with modern operating systems, can cause problems as IPv6 traffic may bypass firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other security protections, allowing IPv6 traffic to reach unintended recipients,” the company said. “In addition, as IPv6 adoption grows, it could increasingly become a target for attackers.”

"While there is a movement for organizations to move to IPv6, they may not be prepared to take the steps necessary to secure these devices," said Scott Crawford, research director for EMA. "Qualys FreeScan is a useful service that allows businesses to test the security posture of IPv6 devices on the Internet after deployment and make sure they are properly configured to help defend organizations against cyber attacks."

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