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Privya Emerges From Stealth With Data Privacy Code Scanning Platform

Privya emerged from stealth mode on Tuesday with a data privacy-focused code scanning platform and $6 million in seed funding.

Founded in 2021, the Tel Aviv-based startup takes a ‘shift left’ approach to data privacy, offering a code scanning platform designed to identify data protection issues and violations during the development process, before they make it into production.

The platform analyzes the manner in which sensitive data is handled in code, as well as the type of collected data and how data is being used, stored, and sent to third-party services.

Privya’s scanner looks for information on the collection of personal and sensitive data, flags compliance violations, and also provides risk scoring, to help automate enforcement and compliance with data privacy regulations.

According to Privya, the platform also maps all services, storage systems and applications, to deliver complete visibility into how data is handled.

“Privacy and data protection are among the biggest challenges of our time, and with big data and machine learning using larger and larger quantities of personal data, keeping sensitive and personal information protected is getting both harder and more urgent”, Uzy Hadad, co-founder and CEO of Privya, said.

The company received funding from Hyperwise Ventures and several angel investors.

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