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Whether the federal government develops a federal data protection and privacy law, kicks it over to NIST, or leaves legislation up the individual states, it looks like the battle for privacy in the United States is probably just beginning. [Read More]
Intel has released a draft bill called the "Innovative and Ethical Data Use Act of 2018" and is inviting comments from businesses, privacy experts and the general public. [Read More]
A vulnerability in DJI's done online platforms allowed an attacker to obtain cloud-based flight records, stored photographs, user PII including credit card details -- and a real-time view from the drone's camera and microphone. [Read More]
The principal advisor in the Directorate-General Justice and Consumers of the European Commission has fired the starting gun for what may eventually become a European Regulation providing consumer safeguards against abuse from artificial intelligence. [Read More]
Britain's data commissioner Elizabeth Denham called for tougher rules governing the use of personal data by political campaigns around the world. [Read More]
Sen. Ron Wyden unveils new bill that proposes big fines for companies that misuse consumer data and up to 20 years in prison for their executives [Read More]
Google announces new protections and tools designed to help users secure their account [Read More]
UK's data protection regulator (ICO) has issued a new enforcement notice that varies and replaces the Notice served on Canadian firm Aggregate IQ in July 2018. [Read More]
iPhone enthusiast Jose Rodriguez (aka videosdebarraquito) finds new iPhone lockscreen bypass. The latest method abuses the recently introduced Group FaceTime feature [Read More]
Signal unveils “sealed sender,” a new feature designed to protect the identity of a sender [Read More]

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Preston Hogue's picture
It’s a good reminder that communications in cyberspace can have a long shelf life that both individuals and organizations would be wise to consider.
Laurence Pitt's picture
ePrivacy takes GDPR's approach a step further by ensuring personal and family privacy in relation to data collection, storage and usage.
Justin Fier's picture
Over time, holding people responsible will lead individuals to see how their actions impact the security of the organization and come to consider themselves responsible for the security of the company.
Travis Greene's picture
While GDPR doesn’t require encryption, there are four mentions of encryption in GDPR that provide real incentives for organizations to use encryption.
Mike Fleck's picture
GDPR is a regulation-based initiative that will influence the development of information technology over the next decade.
Mike Fleck's picture
Big companies can say they are GFPR compliant, but odds are their current structure will never allow them to find, identify, and categorize all the data that they have collected over time.
Lance Cottrell's picture
Even while using Tor hidden services, there are still many ways you can be exposed and have your activities compromised if you don’t take the right precautions.
Laurence Pitt's picture
Despite the long ramp-up towards the GDPR compliance deadline, the effects of the new regulations are still very much in infancy.
Travis Greene's picture
GDPR is proving disruptive for European citizens who are no longer able to interact with services from outside the EU. And the compliance costs can be significant as well. But are there legitimate concerns of overreach?
Bradon Rogers's picture
Complying with GDPR was the immediate challenge, but now there is an opportunity to capture the good work that has been done and make data protection a top of mind focus for enterprises every day.