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PhoneFactor Launches Authentication Solution for Windows Phone

PhoneFactor, the provider of phone-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) technology that was recently acquired by Microsoft, today launched an authentication app that runs on the Windows Phone mobile operating system.

With PhoneFactor now under Microsoft’s control, having a solution that runs on Windows Phone really wasn’t optional.

PhoneFactorThe PhoneFactor App for Windows Phone extends the PhoneFactor platform to include another option for strongly authenticating access to both on-premises and cloud applications using the phone a person already carries with them.

PhoneFactor for Windows Phone works by prompting the user to authorize account logins and financial transactions using the PhoneFactor App on a Windows Phone, the company explained. The App can also be used to block potential malicious activity and alert the company's security response team.

Available as a free download for Windows Phone 7 and 8, the app can be used when the mobile device is connected to either a cellular or a Wi-Fi network. It also has an offline mode that can be used as a soft token to generate a one-time passcode for authentication.

"By launching a PhoneFactor App for Windows Phone, we can now support the use of PhoneFactor authentication apps across all leading mobile platforms," said Timothy Sutton, PhoneFactor CEO. "PhoneFactor's broad suite of phone-based methods (phone call, text, and mobile apps) allows it to address a wide range of authentication scenarios making it the solution of choice for both end users and IT administrators."

PhoneFactor previously offered authentication apps for iOS and Android devices, as well as phone call and text message options.

Founded in 2001, Overland Park, Kansas-based PhoneFactor counts hundreds of customers that use its technology which enables customers to deploy multi-factor authentication across a wide range of platforms and applications. The company was acquired by Microsoft in October 2012.

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