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Perimeter E-Security Launches Web Security Solution for Mac OS

Perimeter E-Security, a provider of cloud and messaging security services, today launched a Mac OS X version of their SaaS Web Security solution.

The solution allows organizations to enforce acceptable use policies, reduce security risks and curb abuse of network bandwidth for users of Mac OS X systems, giving employees the same levels of protection whether they are operating a Mac or PC.

“Enterprises can no longer afford to ignore Mac security,” the company said in a statement. “Historically, Macs represented only a small percentage of malware threats, and as a result, very few security software programs were developed to negate the threats. However, as organizations continue to expand policies allowing for employee owned devices, many of them Macs, the threats are increasing and creating issues for security departments.”

"Managing employee web access is crucial to enforce security policies, control costs, and reduce vulnerability risks. But web security isn't just a 'PC thing,'" said Andrew Jaquith, chief technology officer, Perimeter E-Security. "Increased acceptance of Macs within organizations has created additional pressure on IT departments, which are often already operating under intense budget and staff limitations to secure their networks.”

More information is available here.

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