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Over 6,400 Edison Mail Users Hit by Security Bug in iOS App

An update rolled out recently by Edison Mail for its iOS application resulted in some users being given access to other people’s email accounts. The company acted quickly to resolve the issue, but thousands may have been impacted.

Edison Mail provides apps that allow users to manage their Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud and other inboxes from one place. The company offers apps for iOS, Android and macOS, and says its products are used by millions of individuals.

Several users reported over the weekend that they could access other people’s email accounts from the iOS app without the need to provide credentials.

It turned out that this was the result of an update pushed out on May 15, which included a feature designed to enable users to manage their accounts across their Apple devices. The update contained a bug that gave users access to accounts they did not own.

Edison Mail said the incident potentially impacted 6,480 users of the iOS application. The company reassured customers that credentials were not compromised.

The first patch was released on Saturday morning, but this fix prevented impacted users from accessing any account from the Edison app. Another update was released on Sunday morning, which re-enabled access for affected users.

“We have notified all individual users who may have been impacted by this issue via email, and as an additional safety precaution, suggested that impacted users also change their email account password. If you did not receive an email on this issue then your account was not impacted,” the company said in a post published on Medium on Monday.

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