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Oracle Launches New Services to Secure the Cloud

Oracle this week expanded its portfolio with three new services designed to help automatically protect cloud workloads and data.

The new services, Oracle Data Safe, Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Cloud Maximum Security Zones, deliver centralized security configuration and posture management capabilities, while also automating the enforcement of security practices.

The new products operate in the background to gather telemetry from the cloud environment, to discover misconfigurations, anomalous behavior, and risks, and enforce security practices, while also helping with threat response.

Oracle Data Safe provides a unified control center for database security and also aims to improve visibility into security issues related to data, users, and configuration. It can be used to monitor database activity, discover sensitive data, and mask databases to help minimize risks.

Designed to help customers protect Database Cloud services and to complement the security features in Autonomous Database, Oracle Data Safe is included with all Database Cloud services.

Oracle Cloud Guard aims to provide a centralized approach to protecting all of a customer’s assets. It can analyze data, detect threats and misconfigurations, and then eliminate the security threats, without requiring human oversight.

The tool continuously collects data from the infrastructure and application stack, including audit logs, Data Safe, OS Management Service, and third-party products. It proactively detects and stops anomalous activity and proactively revokes user permissions when anomalous behavior is detected.

Oracle Cloud Maximum Security Zones represents an enclave within a customer’s environment, where security is mandatory and always on. The tool offers automated means to enforce security controls and practices to defined configurations of Oracle Cloud resources.

Customers can lock down resources to known secure configurations, prevent changes, and continuously monitor and block anomalous activities. Maximum Security Zones are enforced through the automated activation of security services, including application security and the new Cloud Guard.

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