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Oracle Adds New Security Services to Cloud Platform

Oracle adds new security services to Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle announced on Tuesday that it has added several new security-related services to its Cloud platform, including a web application firewall (WAF), distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, key management, and a cloud access security broker (CASB).

Oracle says the goal of adding new capabilities to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which is the company’s enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, is to provide end-to-end security for customers through multiple layers of defense.

The new WAF is designed to protect apps on the Cloud Infrastructure against various types of threats, including botnets, DDoS, and application-specific attacks. Threats are automatically blocked and security teams are notified so that they can investigate further.

In order to help ensure the availability of network resources, even when faced with a high-volume DDoS attack, all Oracle data centers will automatically benefit from DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities.

The new CASB is designed to monitor cloud environments to ensure that security practices are being followed. It also uses behavioral analytics based on machine learning to predict potential threats. Users are provided preconfigured controls and policies to help them deploy applications faster without security or operational risks, Oracle said.

Finally, the key management service provides centralized key management and monitoring capabilities, and allows organizations to encrypt data with keys they control.

“The solution delivers partitions in highly available and certified Hardware Security Modules that are isolated per customer. It is ideal for organizations that need to verify for regulatory compliance and security governance purposes that their data is encrypted where it is stored,” Oracle explained.

The software giant told SecurityWeek that the key management, DDoS and CASB capabilities are already available, while the WAF should become available in November.

The DDoS protection is provided to customers at no additional charge. Information on pricing for the key management and CASB services can be found on Oracle’s website. The company noted that the universal credits for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be used for these new services as well.

“Organizations are facing constant security threats from sophisticated actors who want to attack their applications and access their sensitive data,” said Don Johnson, senior vice president of product development at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “The new solutions build on Oracle’s existing, strong security heritage and give customers always-on capabilities that make it easier than ever to achieve end-to-end security. These new security layers include highly automated detective, preventive, responsive, and predictive security controls that help mitigate data breaches, address regulatory compliance, and reduce overall risk.”

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