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Open Source Security Foundation Now Counts 60 Members

The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) on Tuesday announced that 19 more organizations have joined the initiative, showing commitment towards identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in open source software. OpenSSF now has a total of 60 members.

Hosted by the Linux Foundation, OpenSSF is a cross-industry forum meant to bring together open source security initiatives and help not only address the security of open source, but also develop best practices, research, tooling, training, and vulnerability disclosure practices.

Six of the 19 organizations that just joined OpenSSF are Premier Members, namely 1Password, Coinbase, Citi, JFrog, Huawei Technologies, and Wipro.

Additionally, Accuknox, Alibaba Cloud, Blockchain Technology Partners, Block, Inc., Chainguard, Catena Cyber, DeployHub, Gravitational Inc., MongoDB, NCC Group, Spotify, ReversingLabs, and Wingtecher Technology joined as General Members.

MITRE, alongside Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science (ISCAS), and OpenUK have joined OpenSSF as Associate Members.

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The new announcement comes shortly after OpenSSF announced the Alpha-Omega Project, an initiative aimed at directly engaging software security experts and automated security testing to address security gaps in the open source software (OSS) ecosystem.

With support from Microsoft and Google, the initiative has received an initial combined investment of $5 million. The project seeks not only to maintain critical open source projects, but also to identify thousands of widely deployed OSS projects that can benefit from automated analysis and remediation.

Additionally, OpenSSF announced that the Scorecards automated security tool has increased the scale of scans to one million projects that are considered critical, based on the number of direct dependencies.

The foundation also says that Sigstore, the project aimed at improving supply chain technology through signing, verifying, and protecting software, has nearly 500 contributors.

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