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NullCrew Targets UK's Orange in Latest Hacking Spree

NullCrew, known for their attack against the University of Cambridge last month, as well as Sony’s mobile division, has now targeted one of the U.K.’s largest mobile operators, leaking email addresses and database schemas., is the latest victim. Not much is known about the motive or method, but the publically posted data clearly shows that NullCrew got something. Over the weekend, NullCrew posted the database schema taken from one of the company’s databases.

A short time later, actual data was published, including internal database host information, along with the corresponding passwords. Moreover, the post contained 52 email addresses.

“Orange, a massive ISP; in the last link, we gave you the tables, columns, and databases. Now, we're giving you the only actual interesting data that came from the server. Enjoy, make sure you spam these govt and corp emails that were in the server as well,” a statement with the data said.

NullCrew didn’t explain the reasoning for their attack, and Orange hasn’t issued any statements. We’ll update this post if they do.

Last month, NullCrew published a list of some 4,000 names and a hand full of passwords, said to have been taken from the University of Cambridge’s Press portal. In response, the university has insisted that there has been no breach. 

Shortly before that, NullCrew posted data taken from Sony’s mobile division, calling Sony a “hacker’s playground.” 

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