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NQ Mobile Targets Enterprises With Latest Mobile Protection Offering

NQ Enterprise Shield Helps Protect Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD) from Mobile Threats

Mobile security software provider NQ Mobile this week announced the official launch of its enterprise mobile security offering, NQ Enterprise Shield.

Designed to help address the needs of enterprise customers, NQ Enterprise Shield helps businesses protect Android-based employee smartphones and mobile devices from mobile malware, adds additional privacy protections, and helps defend against other types of mobile threats.

NQ MobileThe company, which historically has focused on consumer mobile protection solutions, says NQ Mobile Enterprise Shield is powered by the company’s cloud-based security service, and helps combat malware, including spyware, phishing, viruses, Trojans and more. Additionally, the solution scans download mobile apps in real-time, and is able to uninstall malicious apps that may already have already infected a device.

Overall, the company claims that its software protects over 172 million mobile accounts across more than 150 countries.

As employees increasingly use the same devices for both business and personal use, keeping both corporate data and personal employee data protected has become a significant concern.

Other features include the ability to password-protect messages and call logs, hide private contacts and messages from the home screen and keep an eye on apps that access private data.

On the technical side, NQ Enterprise Shield also provides backup and restore functions, control over running apps and power consumption, and monitors data consumption by mobile apps.

Supporting only Android devices in the current release makes the solution somehwat limited for enterprises who maintain mutiple mobile platforms such as BlackBerry and iOS devices, especially with the surge in activations of iOS-based devices in enterprises.

Sold through a corporate licensing solution, employees are able to download NQ Enterprise Shield directly from Google Play, or IT administrators can install it through an enterprise managed Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform that supports third-party app installation. Employees activate the software via a code provided by the company’s IT department.

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