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Nominum Launches New Security Offering for Mobile Operators

Nominum, a vendor that focuses on DNS and security solutions for enterprises and service providers, announced a new addition to its Nominum Mobile Suite on Wednesday, the Mobile Network and User Security solution.

According to the company, the goal of the newest addition is to reduce latency and network failure, and protect mobile networks from increasing attacks.

Mobile Security for OperatorsAs mobile networks become faster and more robust they are an increasingly attractive option for enabling PC-based access via USB dongles. In fact, according to Cisco (2011 Visual Networking Index), there were 175 million laptops on mobile networks in 2011, and each laptop generated 22 times more traffic than the average smartphone. This, Nominum says, means mobile networks are now subject to the same risks as traditional wired networks.

“As users put more and more digital information on their mobile devices and mobile networks carry an increasing amount of sensitive banking and personal information, the criminal opportunity in this space is a threat the mobile industry cannot overlook,” said Doug Miller, General Manager of Mobile Solutions for Nominum.

“Mobile service providers know they have to protect not only their networks, but their end users accessing these networks," Miller added.

The company says the offering will come with protection for vital network elements, providing assurances that mobile networks are always available and active. It will also offer DNS-based security designed to stop MITM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks, and botnet-based protections and mitigations, as well as prevention of malware, phishing and other user-targeted attacks on both mobile handsets and other connected devices.

Nominum plans to build additional applications to augment the solution, which is built on a three-tiered, integrated architecture that leverages core DNS engines through a series of platforms and applications, the company explained. Because of its integrated architecture, the platform can leverage network elements already in the network and does not require any additional elements to be added to the mobile network.

More information is available here.

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