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New Security Features Added to MariaDB Enterprise

MariaDB Corporation today announced the new features and capabilities that will be available in the upcoming release of MariaDB Enterprise.

MariaDB is a popular database technology that is used by several major organizations, including IBM, Wikipedia, Microsoft and HP. MariaDB Enterprise is an umbrella distribution that includes optimized MariaDB server and cluster binaries, LGPL connectors, developer enablement and DBA productivity tools.MariaDB Enterprise Spring 2016

According to the developer, the Spring 2016 release of MariaDB Enterprise will bring availability, performance and security enhancements created in collaboration with the MariaDB open source community.

The Spring 2016 release will include features designed to protect databases against SQL injection and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. It will also provide transparent encryption for both data at rest and in motion.

In order to reduce the risk of data breaches, users can store encryption keys in third-party key management systems, including ones from AWS and Eperi. Furthermore, they can leverage Kerberos authentication, role-based access control, and password validation plugins.

Another new addition to MariaDB Enterprise is the Security Audit service, which allows companies to identify procedural and technical gaps by evaluating policies, practices and technologies associated with their MariaDB databases. The service is also designed to help users take full advantage of MariaDB’s security capabilities.

“Our customers and user community are our inspiration, our guide, and our partners in creating database software that can harness emerging opportunities and anticipate security threats that all companies face. Proprietary solutions just can’t keep up.” said Michael Howard, CEO of MariaDB.

The new features and capabilities will become available this spring.

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