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Microsoft Calls for Industry and Government Collaboration to Protect Online Citizens

At the RSA Conference in San Francisco today, Scott Charney, corporate vice president of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, urged public and private sectors to adopt a proposal for a global Internet health model. In his keynote address about Microsoft’s Collective Defense vision, Charney said that existing technology and organizational policies could be used to implement a device health model that promotes trusted online experiences.

“We are seeing a growing alignment of social, political and economic factors. The time is right for industry, governments and individuals to focus on Internet security and privacy to help drive progress toward a safer Internet,” said Charney.

As part of the RSA keynote, Microsoft demonstrated how existing technology might be applied to an online service to encourage device health. In the scenario, a consumer chooses to opt in to a program that promotes device health by alerting the individual to a security risk identified by the web site. Notifying individuals of security problems or configuration issues in advance provides a first step in transforming current computer security posture from reactive to preventative.

Microsoft Collective Defense RSA Conference

Charney cited a unique convergence of circumstances happening right now — the increased use of mobile devices and cloud computing, the persistence of botnet threats, increased public awareness of online crimes, and growing public pressure for improved government cyber security policies — that makes this the right time for industry and governments to adopt a solution that offers broad societal protections.

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