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Mandiant Unveils New Threat Intelligence Offering

Mandiant, the security and threat management firm recently in the headlines for its bold APT1 report exposing Chinese espionage operations, today announced the launch of a new threat intelligence offering.

Dubbed “Mandiant Intelligence Center”, the new offering from Alexandria, Virginia-based Mandiant enables security teams to access Mandiant’s threat and malware intelligence, and provides customers with analytical tools and contextual analysis to help better understand and defend against high priority threats.

Intelligence Center subscribers can benefit from the company’s visibility into threats and gain access to the same intelligence database that Mandiant uses during its investigations and attack analysis, the Mandiant said.

According to the company, Mandiant Intelligence Center provides:

Analysis of High-Profile Threats. Subscribers can access timely analysis of new high-profile threat events as they arise. Mandiant’s intelligence analysts include an event synopsis along with context about the specific threat based on Mandiant’s proprietary intelligence.

Automated Malware Analysis. Subscribers obtain detailed analysis and context for malware submitted via the Center. Analysis is provided by email and includes detailed static and dynamic analysis reporting, code base comparison of submitted malware, details on which major anti-virus vendors currently detect it, and information on Mandiant’s familiarity with the malware, such as use by certain threat groups. The Center also provides a high-fidelity Indicator of Compromise (IOC) related to the malware.

Profiles of Advanced Threat Groups. Detailed profiles of advanced threat groups include their latest tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), plus analysis and insights into targeted industries and characteristics of the data pursued by each group.

Domain and IP Analysis. Subscribers can submit a domain or IP to the Center and receive information and detailed context from Mandiant’s comprehensive intelligence database. Users learn whether Mandiant has linked it to known threat actors and when we most recently encountered it.

Trend Analysis. In-depth reports written by Mandiant intelligence analysts highlight emerging trends and analysis of ongoing changes in the threat landscape.

Safe File Download. Enter the URL of a suspected malicious file, and it will be downloaded to the Center and transmitted to you safely to avoid the risk of compromising your own devices or exposing your identity.

“Too often, when new threats emerge security teams are left to piece together disconnected fragments of intelligence and draw their own conclusions about what actions they should take,” explained Dan McWhorter, managing director of threat intelligence at Mandiant. “We created the Mandiant Intelligence Center as a resource for assessing threats and contextualizing them, so that users can access Mandiant’s intelligence and expertise to help inform their response.”

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