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Recorded Future snaps up SecurityTrails for a direct entry into the booming attack surface management business. [Read More]
The FTC has warned companies that they face legal action if exploitation of the Log4Shell vulnerability leads to customer harm. [Read More]
Cyber insurance firm Corvus has expanded its international footprint with the acquisition of UK-based cyber underwriting platform Tarian from Beat Capital Partners. [Read More]
The SecurityWeek editorial team looks into their crystal balls and make some bold predictions about the big cybersecurity stories that will dominate the headlines in 2022. [Read More]
The Broward Health hospital system suffered a data breach in October where a hacker accessed personal and medical information of patients and staff. [Read More]
Booz Allen Hamilton has analyzed the quantum computing arms race to determine China’s current and future capabilities, and to understand the likely use of China’s cyber capabilities within that race. [Read More]
ACLU is demanding more answers about a data breach at the state’s public bus service, including why the personal information of state employees who don’t even work for the agency was compromised. [Read More]
SecurityWeek’s cybersecurity M&A roundup for December 2021 lists 35 deals, including ones that involved hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. [Read More]
DuckDuckGo plans to ship a privacy-centric desktop browser built from scratch to compete with Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge. [Read More]
The Apache HTTP Server 2.4.52 is listed as urgent and CISA is calling on user to “update as soon as possible.” [Read More]

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Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Regardless of how often someone resigns, departure emails do bring to light a common problem in the cybersecurity field. There is, however, another side to departure emails that many of us don’t consider.
Torsten George's picture
While it might be overwhelming to look at the critical threats on the horizon you need to prepare for, focusing on these predictions for 2022 will help you strengthen your security posture and minimize your organization’s risk exposure.
Marie Hattar's picture
In order to deliver on the promise of 5G, we need new industry standards for security, testing, and training to proactively combat 5G cyber threats and minimize risks.
Gordon Lawson's picture
For red teams, using an obfuscated network for testing offers the advantage of hiding who is performing the attack and where it is originating, for a more real-life context
Tim Bandos's picture
There’s no doubt that there are a lot of things on your CISO’s mind. Whether they have an active role at board meetings or not, chances are these are some of the most pressing items they’d like to discuss with you.
Jeff Orloff's picture
Most organizations rely too heavily on their cybersecurity pros to protect them from threats, ignoring the painful reality that human error is by far the most common cause of security breaches.
John Maddison's picture
Recent changes have resulted in a proliferation of devices and users working from anywhere, which has expanded the digital attack surface and exposed more applications, devices, data, and users to risk.
Keith Ibarguen's picture
One of the best approaches to identifying both the value you are bringing to a customer and opportunities to increase that value is by going on the change-journey with your customers.
Torsten George's picture
Before the next Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes along, companies across all industries should consider moving to a Zero Trust approach, powered by additional security measures such as MFA and endpoint resilience.
Landon Winkelvoss's picture
Conducting scaled and cost-effective attack surface and digital threat monitoring gives organizations of all sizes the best chance of identifying and defeating their adversaries.