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Microsoft’s embattled security response unit is scrambling to deal with another zero-day attack hitting users of its flagship Microsoft Office software suite. [Read More]
SecurityWeek spoke to CISOs from the City of Tampa, and from Tallahassee to learn if a city CISO needs to be similarly different to a private sector CISO. [Read More]
SOAR platform provider D3 Security has raised $10 million and obtained an additional $5 million in debt financing. [Read More]
The application can be used to monitor someone’s phone use, online activity, and even physical movements, but exposes users to stalkers and abuse, the FTC argues. [Read More]
The SEC has sanctioned several companies over cybersecurity failures that resulted in email accounts getting hacked and customer information getting compromised. [Read More]
The number of cybersecurity-related mergers and acquisitions announced in the past months has remained constant, with roughly 40 deals announced in August 2021 as well. [Read More]
The American Petroleum Institute (API) has published the third edition of its pipeline cybersecurity standard. [Read More]
This week, the agency added single-factor authentication to its Bad Practices list, underlining that attackers may access systems by matching a single factor only. [Read More]
The CISO is an organization’s top person in cybersecurity. Is that it? Is that the end of a CISO’s career progression? In fact ‒ is being CISO effectively a dead-end job? [Read More]
The three-year course will help train future prosecutors and attorneys on handling cybersecurity-related cases. [Read More]

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Rob Fry's picture
We are a community with grand ideas around the concept of crowdsourced threat intel (CTI), but with little history or previous successes that show CTI as a viable idea.
Landon Winkelvoss's picture
Executive protection teams face threats from many sources including social media, telephone, email, and event in-person physical threats.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The lessons from a great tour guide can help you in your efforts to improve your organization’s security posture.
William Lin's picture
The big opportunity we have post-pandemic is the “big reset”: every security and IT team’s chance to completely re-think their security programs.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
You may be asking yourself what adopting a pound dog has to do with security. To help answer it, I’d like to share five security lessons that my daughter taught me during a recent conversation on the topic.
Landon Winkelvoss's picture
Ineffective security approaches when integrating two separate organizations can lead to significant issues that could undercut the business value of a merger or acquisition.
Tim Bandos's picture
Before even thinking about approaching a vendor, talk at length about the project amongst yourselves. What problem are you trying to solve and how will you know when you’ve solved it?
Marc Solomon's picture
As you determine what security technologies to invest in, develop not only a technology roadmap, but also include and align an operational roadmap.
Laurence Pitt's picture
For many of us, RSA Conference 2020 in San Francisco was the last time we came together as a community, met with colleagues, and saw new technology offerings.
Rob Fry's picture
By taking some lessons from outside our cybersecurity sandbox, we can address some of the significant challenges in cybersecurity.