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2020 presidential campaigns are preparing for cyber threats, which includes training, mandatory use of 2FA, and phishing simulations. [Read More]
SecurityWeek’s 2019 Singapore ICS Cyber Security Conference, the largest and longest-running cybersecurity event series for industrial sectors, will take place on April 16-18 at the Fairmont Singapore & Swissôtel The Stamford. [Read More]
Security awareness training firm KnowBe4 announces a Series C funding round of up to $50 million. The latest funding values the company at over $800 million. [Read More]
Senators have recently introduced and reintroduced bills whose goal is to help the U.S. government address the shortage of cybersecurity expertise. [Read More]
(ISC)² has increased the annual fee for its CISSP certification for security professionals by 47%, but members who hold will multiple certifications will benefit. [Read More]
Alphabet’s Jigsaw unit has published a quiz that tests users’ ability to identify phishing attacks and teaches them what signs to look for to determine if a message is legitimate or not. [Read More]
PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) publishes new security standards for the design and development of payment software. [Read More]
The 2018 (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study shows the workforce gap now stands at more than 2.9 million workers globally -- with 2.14 million cybersecurity staff required in the Asia-Pacific region, and almost half a million required in North America. [Read More]
Security awareness training firm KnowBe4 has added a Virtual Risk Officer (VRO), a Virtual Risk Score (VRS), and Advanced Reporting (AR) features to its security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. [Read More]
Democrat Congresswoman Jacky Rosen introduces Cyber Ready Workforce Act, a new bill that aims to address the cybersecurity workforce shortage [Read More]

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Joshua Goldfarb's picture
The time to get serious about metrics is long overdue. It is in this spirit that I offer five helpful tips for building meaningful security metrics.
Stan Engelbrecht's picture
Here are a few observations from my time at RSAC 2019 about SOAR and the cybersecurity world at large.
Torsten George's picture
Cyber attackers long ago figured out that the easiest way for them to gain access to sensitive data is by compromising an end user’s identity and credentials.
Ashley Arbuckle's picture
We’ve seen an evolution from more traditional simulation exercises that use a Red Team to identify vulnerabilities and launch mock attacks and a Blue Team to detect and respond to attacks, to Purple Teaming exercises.
Michael Moniz's picture
To be an outstanding cybersecurity professional, you need to think outside of the box, be intellectually curious, self-sufficient and collaborative.
Joshua Goldfarb's picture
Writing and documenting aren’t the most exciting activities. But they have tremendous potential, both in improving security operations and incident response, as well as in opening up a constructive dialogue.
Travis Greene's picture
Attended by roughly 40,000 people, RSA Conference 2016 was the biggest ever. Here are some observations on security trends observed at the event that took place last week at the conference.
Alastair Paterson's picture
Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is critical for organizations that want to gain a comprehensive, tailored and relevant view of the potential threats and types of attackers that could be targeting them.
Jay Schulman's picture
The ability to recruit the right person for an application security role who can also find the flaws is a struggle for many organizations. These job openings rarely get filled.
Marc Solomon's picture
The global cybersecurity skills shortage isn’t going away any time soon. But by attacking it on multiple fronts we can proactively work to address it